BBQ Builders and Landscaping
1721 East Myrna Lane
Tempe, AZ  85284
(480) 205-8992
Cell (480) 205-8992

License: K-21 ROC228785
C-05 ROC196798


 Bar-B-Que Hardscapes Retail BBQs Parts & Service Fireplace Rings Flagstone & Deck coatings

We sell a line of upscale portable and built-in BBQ's.  We are licensed contractors to build backyard BBQ's.  We carry a full line of replacement parts.  We do concrete, masonry & tile work.  We offer full service for BBQ's and patio heaters.  Our operation is geared toward product quality and customer satisfaction. 

We believe quality and service are the only true bargains

"Few weekend activities beat the smell of a good BBQ with the laughter of the family, friends, kids and neighbors! We all know that one person whos considered the grill master, BBQ chef chief, or something to that effect. Its no accident these individuals are given titles such as these! Its guys like Gary Nelson that make BBQ kings possible with his extensive knowledge of food preparation for the grill and what a difference a grill can make! "
Rosie's & Romey's Comments From Rosie On The House

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